MRS Seitter GmbH

Watertightness Tester WSP 3600 V4

with 3 test chambers according to EN 1928 method A

New re-designed instrument. Easy to use, high sample throughput by using three measuring chambers. Very accurate by generating the test pressure with a real water column.


Determination of watertightness of roofing underlayers and membranes according to EN 1928 method A.

Technische Daten

- corresponds to EN 1928 method A - microprocessor controlled with touchscreen interface (PLC with 3.5" touchscreen HMI) - 3 inspection places - magnetic inserting assistance - inspection surface: ø 150 mm - sample size: ø 200 mm - maximum test pressure: 1100 mm - minimum pressure: 50 mm - test pressure is pre-selectable in 1 mm steps - accuracy of pressure +/- 3% of nominal value from 100 mm - testing period is pre-selectable: up to 99:59:59 h in 1 sek steps - automatic pressure re-adjusting over the entire testing period - dimensions: 930 mm/450 mm/1550 mm - weight: approx. 32 kg - operating voltage: 1 x 24 VDC (power pack 220 VAC/24 VDC)/150 Subject to modifications in the interest of technical progress.