GINTRONIC GraviTest 9300

Made in Switzerland

Gravimetric WVTR tester

With GINTRONIC GraviTest 9000-Series, GINTRONIC AG has taken the gravimetric determination of the water vapor transmission rate of polymeric films and other sheet materials to the next level. GraviTest offers simple specimen preparation, user-friendly GraviCommander PC software and the complete automation of the measuring process.

High capacity balances:
With a maximum load of 250g @ 0,01mg resolution and 320g or 420g @ 0,1mg resolution GINTRONIC AG uses high capacity balances. This means for the user no surprises due to overload of the balance.

User friendly PC software:
The results of the measurement and the corresponding atmospheric pressure will be represented in a chart and stored by the PC software. Thus, each measurement result, together with the parameters of each individual sample are always retrievable and comprehensible. The following errors can thereby be excluded: miss-measurement caused by erroneous reading off of the scales, incorrect record of the measurement results, and missing of the weighing interval. The software is able to export all data easily to Excel®. The software comes complete with multiple Excel ® modules. These modules are used for various standards when the results are reported in different values such as perms, permeability, permeability coefficient or a SD-value.

Wide humidity range:
Due to the wide humidity range also the determination of the SDvalue curve of SD-value-variable membranes at multiple points is easily possible.

Heated housing:
The exterior of the internal chamber of GraviTest is heated. This prevents condensation at high temperature and humidity and protects the instrument, also at in case of short power failures. This technique was introduced by GINTRONIC already in 2012.

Changeable tray:
All GINTRONIC GraviTest are equipped with our changeable tray technology. This allows the adaption of the instrument to various sample holders, like sorption, 28,3 and 30 cm2 cups and blister holders (ASTM D7709-12 / USP 671). For this GINTRONIC AG offers a wide range of kits, to adapt the instrument perfectly to the needs of the customer and to the different standards.


for the determination of water vapour transmission rates of polymeric films and other sheet materials by gravimetric method. Also the measurement of blisters and other small packages is possible. Determination of drying rates of textiles and fabrics.

Polymeric film
Sheet material
House wrap
Building products
Blister packs
Inverted cup (ASTM E96BW)
and many others