Gas Analysers

AtmoCheck® COVER DOUBLE Standard

Mobile Gas Analysis Device for random and In-Line measurements of technical gases

AtmoCheck® COVER is a practical, battery-operated Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide analyser for the random analysis of e.g. protective gas food packaging (MAP packaging) or the inline control of Argon and Carbon Dioxide welding gas mixtures. AtmoCheck® COVER is characterised by its simple and intuitive operation, short measurement time and low sample volume. Our integrated data logging software supports traceability to facilitate complete documentation (HACCP/IFS/ ISO). It is therefore the ideal device for fast, reliable and precise testing, either directly at the packaging machine, in the warehouse or in the quality assurance laboratory. AtmoCheck® COVER is optionally available as an in-line analyser for almost all technical gases, Being capable of accepting inlet pressures of up to 16 bar means that it can be used directly in-line with proproduction gas lines. As an option AtmoCheck® COVER can be equipped with a heating element in order to ensure reliable operation, even in extremely cold environmental conditions. This option also helps to prevent damage to electrical components caused by condensation, which can occur when the instrument is moved from one temperature to another. The AtmoCheck® software provides fast and uncomplicated communication, is safe to use and is equipped with everything required to upgrade from manual handwritten to automatic electronic recording of all measurement data that is easily transferred to your computer. Application areas - Quality Assurance - Food Technology - Cutting and Welding - Customised solutions All highlights at a glance - Simple intuitive operation - Large, easy to read, illuminated graphical display - Measuring time < 10 sec. - Small sample gas requirement - Easy cleaning - Long service life due to robust design - Optional: Display of N2 or Ar - Integrated measurement memory - Easy transmission and analysis of the measured data - Open all data in MS-Excel for trending and analysis - Configurable for each type of quality control - Easy setup via the supplied datal-ogging software - USB port for data transfer and battery charging - Cordless operation possible due to battery operation - Optional: also available as an In-Line Version - Optional: integrated heating for use in cold environments Accessories - Battery charger for the integrated battery. With power-plug adapters for most EU and other countries - Data lead USB 2.0 approx. 1 m long - Intake hose - 40 self-adhesive sealing tags - Suction needle in sealed safety cartridge - 2 intake filters - manual as PDF on the supplied USB stick - data logger software for fast, uncomplicated communication

Technische Daten

Measuring principle: O2 electrochemical measuring cell* / CO2 NDIR sensor** Measuring range: 0-100%; in 0,1% steps Measuring time: Approx. 10 sec Calibration: Simple 2-point calibration Sampling method: Automatically via needle with integrated suction pump Option: In-Line version without suction pump Memory capacity: Circulating memory for 1000 measured values Interface: USB-Port Software: AtmoCheck® Data Logger Software*** Temperature Gas and/or Environment: 5 - 40 °C Display: Graphic display with backlight Switch off : Automatically after 2 minutes of non-use Housing: Shock-resistant plastic Weight: Approx. 2 kg Dimensions (HxWxD): 120 x 195 x 260 mm Power supply: Integrated rechargeable battery (charger included) Charger: 110-240V 50Hz to 5V DC Manufacturing Accrediations and Standards Company ceritified according to ISO 9001:2015 CE marked * The estimated lifetime of the O2 sensor in air is max. 2 years ** The estimated life of the CO2 sensor is at least 5 years, depending on the environmental conditions *** MS Windows is required to use the AtmoCheck Data Logger software